All about music! Huge flea market and
record fair. The place for music lovers.

37. Musik-Flohmarkt

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Vianco Arena Brunegg

The music paradise

All Genres: Pop • Rock • Metal • Blues • Jazz • House • Trance • Hip Hop • Folk Music • ClassiCal • And more...

The Products


At Musik-Flohmarkt


CD's / DVD's 









PA Systems


DJ Stuff 

MP3 Players





Sheet music

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Visitor information

37th Musik-Flohmarkt

sunday, 15 March 2020, 9-17 h

Feldstrasse 31, CH-5505 Brunegg AG (website)
(directly at motorway A1, exit "Mägenwil")

What you can find there

Used products • liquidation goods • special models • new stuff • rare products and curiosities • bargains and collector pieces!

Entry fee

Online ticket at CHF 8.-
Box office ticket at the door: CHF 10.-
Teenagers up to 16 years free of charge


Free parking! Please follow the orders of the traffic service.

Food & drinks

Restaurant is located in the hall:
Where people meet for food, drinks & music talk.

The nearest ATM is reachable in 10 minutes by foot.


Event organisation of Musik-Flohmarkt:

Werbetrommel GmbH
Schulstrasse 1
CH-5012 Schönenwerd

phone +41 62 892 83 44

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Participant information

Musik-Flohmarkt is Switzerland's international marketplace for music lovers. Huge flea market with instrument and record fair. Since 2003, the biggest event of it's kind, over 100 dealers/participants and around 2000 visitors from Switzerland and the neighbouring countries.

37th Edition on 15 March 2020

Everyone is welcome as participant to sell goods (companies, private parties, bands, etc.) All you have to do is book one of our stalls here. We have various possibilities to take part. You can shape your own booth, rent a table or even sell individual items.

Possible merchandise

All items relating to music can be sold: Acoustic and electric musical instruments, music and studio equipment, lighting equipment, PA systems, DJ stuff, HiFi and audio systems, loudspeakers, radios, vinyl/LP's, singles, CD's, DVD's, cassettes, MP3 players, MiniDisc stuff, DAT recorders, tape machines, gramophones, sheet music, accessories, posters, jukeboxes and everything else about music.

Used products • liquidation goods • special models • new stuff • rare products and curiosities • bargains and collector pieces: from vintage to brand new - everything is welcome!

Take part / Booking a booth

Register here to take part in Musik-Flohmarkt. Secure one of the desired booths at our event today!
Limited amount of booths available. Late registrations might not get a booth. All parties are allowed to take part (companies, private persons, bands, etc). Registration by internet form, email, postal letter or phone is mandatory.

Online registration for regular booths

By registering you acknowledge to have read our info sheet and that you accept our rules, terms and conditions.
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We will send you a confirmation by email in the next days. If you have questions, you can contact us anytime.